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Offering QMS consulting in Burlington, MA, for all types of businesses

Handling Everything from a Consultation to a Tailored Internal Audit in Burlington, MA

You will have the expertise of a company that truly knows what we are talking about when you choose QDS Corp. for internal audit consulting and other related services. No client has ever failed an internal audit in Burlington, MA, by a registrar or customer when being consulted by QDS Corp. Our success is based on our individualized approach to every company.

One Size Does Not Fit All

One Size Does Not Fit All

We value and seek longer term relationships with manufacturers and job shops which are of more value and benefit than a cut-and-run approach to consulting. You are not left alone after your management system is in place; we follow up to ensure that the quality system is a real value to your company. Where changes are needed, we encourage and assist those changes to be made. We can also create a business continuity plan that meets your needs.

Our company can ensure that you pass your internal audit in Burlington, MA

We Provide Only What You Need

The cookie cutter approach to quality systems creates unnecessary work, slowdowns, difficulties, and eventual failures. QDS Corp.’s second principle--but equally important to your success and ours--is, “Keep it simple.” Time or money is not wasted with us, as we do not encourage controls and requirements where they are not wanted or needed.

Our Approach Means:

• Minimizing the number of requirements
• Minimizing paperwork
• Minimizing the maintenance required for the system
• Minimizing the number of documents needed for the quality system

• Maximizing the freedoms and flexibilities that helped make the company
• Maximizing the system's effectiveness where needed
• Maximizing individual and management responsibility

Our services:

• Training 

• Document Reviews

• Continuous Improvement Programs

• Internal Auditing

• Electro-static Prevention Programs

• Consulting

• Auditor Training

• Business Continuity Plans

• Sustainability

• Quality System Consultation

• Document Writing

• Standards Implementation

• Internal Auditor Training

• Supplier Audits

• Quality System Training